Merrill Corporation

Merrill Corporation’s financial print service, Merrill IFN, provides an integrated document management solution to support companies in Asia Pacific

Why Merrill?

Merrill IFN streamlines transaction and compliance activities with an integrated suite of services, including:

  • Hong Kong IPOs, SEC Registered Deals, US IPOs, Edgar Work and any related Debt financing deals
  • The only global financial printer with wholly-owned printing and binding facilities in Hong Kong, providing clients the flexibility for deadlines and schedules needed for demanding transactions
  • Merrill’s regional center provides on-site large-scale copying,scanning and printing
  • The largest on-site typesetting team operating on a 24-hour basis, supporting all key global markets
  • The largest financial translation teams in Hong Kong, helping clients to translate the document quickly and accurately
  • 24/7 full service conference centre with 17 large conference rooms located at the heart of Central’s business district in Hong Kong. We provide all you need for an effective workplace to complete the project.

How can we help?

Merrill’s combination of financial document and supporting services help clients:

  • Facilitates the production and distribution of the financial prints
  • Reduces costs and transaction time
  • Automate document workflows to meet regulatory reporting demands more efficiently
  • Leverages a single source provider for all services, including document scanning, typesetting, printing and distribution of multi-language documents

Other key solutions

Alongside superior printing services, Merrill Corporation seamlessly provides other solutions for the capital markets worldwide.

DataSite – virtual data rooms

The VDR helps clients optimise the due diligence process by providing a highly efficient and secure method for sharing key business information between multiple professional parties.

Translation Services

We offer professional translation to corporations, legal firms, M&A due diligence and compliance, providing high-quality translation services in a rapid turnaround environment